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Ag Hall Picture taken circa 1900’s

Environmental Concerns

Houston Toad Habitat - The Houston Zoo, in cooperation with Texas State University, has been studying the endangered Houston Toad in the Cat Spring area for 5 years. The Houston Toad is federally protected and we believe the destruction of the wooded areas which makeup the toad's habitat when clearing right-of-way is in violation of the law.


Canebrake Rattlesnake Habitat - The Canebrake Rattlesnake is also a protected species. Canebrake Rattlesnakes are also found in the wooded areas in the Cat Spring area. We believe that destruction of their habitat would also be in violation of the law. 

Central Migratory Bird Flyway - There are many roosting and feeding areas in the ponds and lakes around the Cat Spring area.  We believe the construction of these lines would cause a disruption of flyways would permanently alter flyways and harm water fowl. 

Health Concerns

There are health concerns associated with power lines. Research on the subject of the danger to people’s health which is created by the electromagnetic force within certain distances to high wire power lines.  Review the links below, the sources are irrefutable and certainly should be a part of our argument. 





No need for powerlines:


Safety Concerns

Pipeline Explosion July 28, 2010 occurred along CenterPoint’s Section P. The pipeline company discovered that the soil along the 130 mile stretch of pipe that runs from Houston to Luling is corrosive to the pipeline coating. This causes the coating to separate from the pipe which allows the pipe to corrode and micro-fractures to occur. Micro-fractures are where the pipe can blow up as it did in the initial Gosler Road gas explosion on July 28, 2010. The pipeline company was required to perform a hydraulic pressure test on the pipe to prove it was safe before putting the gas back in the line. The pipe blew out 5 times along this stretch before it passed the test. The Rail Road Commission has been using an inline inspection tool to monitor the pipe for further micro-fractures because our area has an environment of electrically high resistant soil that is corrosive to the pipe.

"Transmission Lines and Buried Pipeline" (The first two paragraphs summarize it):


Historical Concerns

CLICK HERE to read more about Cat Spring history on the Cat Spring’s Agricultural Society’s website. With over 177 years of history and numerous family and historical cemeteries along proposed routes, it’s worth taking action. Ag Hall is a historical marker for the town of Cat Spring which was originally located where the Ag Hall is today.

Media, Photos and Links

Proposed Map - click to enlarge imageposition_files/Map_1.pdf

In the News - click to enlarge

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